What kind of a home page title is this???
… do you also think so ???…
This was our first Balsan-Homepage in the year 1998 and interestingly the topic “I take care of my feet“ has not changed at all.
At that time we had written:

…  … Feet – we stand on that. Not only proverbially but also in another sense. From the beginning we have dedicated us the »Happy feet«. Feet, the carrying part of our moving life, require optimum maintenance, so that they can support us daily. The right care is still however more important in case of people, who are unfortunately suffering from various known weaknesses, like e.g. sweaty feet and corn…

and…. is it different today? On the contract: More and more young customers have smelly feet problems.  
In the Original-Text it was written further:

„…  … A further concern for us is the support of foot care in case of diabetics. Here the skin tends to severe dryness and oversensitivity – the meaning of supporting foot care in old age is thus always more important. Since the good health does not end in case of feet, we have always continuously developed our products, in order to offer a complete all-around healthy feeling-care program in the best quality. And we are researching further: New ideas and new products continuously are added to our assortment … …“

Thus for EVERYONE,
for the new visitor and for the „confirmed“  BALSAN-Connoisseur:

We have remained faithful

And in this sense have fun while shopping !
Your Thomas Brinke with the Balsan Team from Munich